EgoMania Game © 2017 Jessica Park

How To Play EgoMania:

EgoMania is a multiplayer game that was designed to operate like a virtual board game. This game is intended to be played between a group of people who are together in one place yet playing on individual devices. EgoMania can be played remotely; however it might not be as much fun.


Set Up Profile:

The very first step is setting up your profile. On the main page click on the animated profile picture in the upper left-hand corner to enter your profile information. Click the “change” button under the animated picture to add a profile picture. Your profile picture will also act as your game board piece during a live game. Next select your gender to determine how your personalized trivia questions will be worded. Autocorrect is a feature that will automatically correct spelling as you answer fill-in-the-blank questions. You may or may not want to enable this feature for this type of game (Some testers found this feature frustrating when trying to quickly answer questions). Click "submit" once you have filled in your profile information.

Answering Questions in the Question Bank:

*IMPORTANT: Players must answer at least 10 questions in their question bank before the game will allow a player to start or join a game.

After setting up your profile you are now ready to answer questions about yourself which will be used in the game. When answering questions about yourself please keep in mind that other players will be answering these questions during a live game so select answers that represent how others know you.

*IMPORTANT: Use the scroll bar on the right-hand side of the question / answer field to see the full range of answer options. Many multiple-choice questions have five or more answers to choose from.

Click "Question Bank" on the main page

Questions are separated into three categories:

Each category has 25 questions. The game will randomly select questions from each player’s question bank to be used during a live game.

Passing on Questions in the Question Bank:

The game will allow you to pass on a total of 3 questions in your Question Bank. If a question or the answer options do not suit you, you have the option to "pass" the question. To pass a question click on the button labeled "pass" at the bottom of the screen of the question you want to pass. The number above the "pass" button will change to reflect the number of passes remaining.

*IMPORTANT: A player is not permitted to pass questions that are presented during a live game.

Answering Questions as You Play:

If a player has not answered all the questions in their question bank before entering a game, they will be prompted to answer questions as they come up throughout the game. If a question that has not been answered by the subject is randomly selected during a game the question will first appear on the subject’s device to be answered. Once the answer has been submitted by the subject the question will then appear on the other player’s device to be answered for a game point.

*IMPORTANT: Questions that are answered during a live game will be automatically saved in the player’s question bank.

Fill-In-The-Blank Questions:

*IMPORTANT: When answering fill-in-the-blank questions all three answer fields must be filled out.

Players have the option of submitting THREE DIFFERENT ANSWERS in the answer fields. If three different answers are recorded, then during a live game an opponent who submits any one of the three answers will get the question correct.


Fill-In-The-Blank-Questions which have only ONE ANSWER will need to have the same answer filled in to all three answer fields. This allows only one correct answer to be accepted during a live game.

Note: If an answer has possible spelling variations each variation can be entered as an answer.


Playing the Game:

EgoMania allows a minimum of two players and a maximum of eight players in a game.

*IMPORTANT: If at any time during the match creation process a player’s screen freezes use the ... "reload" button to refresh the screen.

Hosting a game:The host is the player who creates a match by inviting other players to join a game.

Step 1) Click "Play" on the main page

Step 2) On the "Match Invites" page click on "create match"

Step 3) Enter a welcome message for your invitees and click "OK"

Step 4) On the "Match Setup" page find or select friends to invite to your game

Accepting a game invitation:Players can join a game through a game invitation from a host player.

Step 1) Click "Play" on the main page

Step 2) On the "Match Invites" screen push the "Accept" button on the host’s game invitation

Step 3) Once all players have accepted their invitations the host can start the game which will take each player to the live game

Game Procedures:

*IMPORTANT: During a live game players should read the questions aloud! The fun of the game is hearing how players are answering and guessing other player's answers!!

*IMPORTANT: If any player leaves the game screen or the app during a live game the game will automatically end for all players.

Good Luck and may your ego be your driving force!!!